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October 2017

Friday, September 29, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Rebecca B. Thomas
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NAE4-HA Conference
November 12-17

In This Issue...


  • REMEMBER to VOTE for your slate of NAE4-HA Candidates
  • NEW issue of the Journal of Youth Development
  • Celebration of Life – Due 11/1
  • Professional Development Committee News
  • NIFA / 4-H Headquarters E-Academy, the Role of Diversity and Inclusion in Positive You Development
  • NAE4-HA Board Member Spotlight
  • NAE4-HA Archivist - What’s in a Name?
  • LAE4-HA: Navigating a Mighty Course with Positive Youth Development
  • North Central Program Spotlight: Minnesota Marketing & Promotion and South Dakota Book Club
  • Reinvent yourself at the 2018 Conference in Ohio
  • Youth in Action & the 4-H Agent
  • Active in Indy

Candidates for NAE4-HA

The Slate of Candidates in which YOU have an opportunity to vote for on October 3rd, can be viewed at http://www.nae4ha.com/2017-board-candidates

Online Business Meeting Registration
To join the business meeting please complete the Registration form. The call will be held at 2:00 PM Eastern on Tuesday, October 3rd

Voting for Board Candidates 
Online voting for NAE4-HA offices will following the Business Meeting and open at 3:00 PM Eastern on Tuesday, October 3rd, through Thursday, October 5th at 12:00 PM Eastern.

NEW Issue of the Journal of Youth Development Published

The 2017 fall issue (Vol 12., No.3) is now published and available at http://jyd.pitt.edu/ojs/index.php/jyd

The Journal of Youth Development (JYD) is the official journal of NAE4-HA. The latest issue contains feature articles related to youth urban perceptions of agriculture and success and failure experiences at camp. Program articles focus on a youth sexual health program council and leadership development in rural Canada. 

The journal actively seeks ongoing article submissions, as well as reviewers. Please consider getting involved and sharing your youth development expertise! We are actively seeking NAE4-HA members to serve on the JYD publications committee. If you are interested in learning more about this role, please contact Mary Arnold at mary.arnold@oregonstate.edu

Celebration of Life – Submissions due before November 1st

The Organizational Stewardship Committee is currently working on the Celebration of Life Ceremony to be held during one of the NAE4-HA business meetings in Indianapolis. This ceremony is a time to remember members of the association who have passed away. This form can be submitted any time throughout the year; however, we would ask that if you have any members from your state who have passed away, that you get the form and a picture submitted by November 1st to be included in the 2017 ceremony. The form and photograph are to be sent to execdir@nae4ha.com

Professional Development Committee News

Submitted by Lacy Mann, Colorado State University, Professional Development Committee Chair

As educators it is imperative that we continue to develop good teaching methods. Teaching methods allow us to have a positive impact on the community we serve. Virtual professional development offers that opportunity to all NAE4-HA members in a monthly platform. These monthly webinars cover a wide variety of topics and allows us to develop practical and complex skills. We acquire specific knowledge that allows us to better know what, know how, know why, and know when. The virtual task force is seeking webinar proposal submissions for October, November, December and 2018. We know there are many presentations that will help further develop our association members. The submission process may be easily found by clicking on this link. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lacey Mann, Professional Development Committee Chair at lacey.mann@colostate.edu or Abby Smith, NAE4-HA Vice President Professional Development, awsmith@uga.edu

Join the 4-H system for the 2017 Professional Development E-Academy, The Role of Diversity and Inclusion in Positive Youth Development. The focus will be on engaging diverse youth and understanding the social issues they face. There will be ten one hour online sessions spread out from October 2 to October 23. You can get more information and register for the free sessions at 2017 E-academy Registration.

The target audience is 4-H field faculty but all positive youth development professionals are welcome to participate. The 2017 E-Academy is brought to you by 4-H National Headquarters in partnership with National 4-H Council and the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents.

NAE4-HA Board Member Spotlights

Meet a few of our board members and find out what they enjoy about our association, while getting to know them a little better.



Scott Nash,
VP Finance and Operations

Home Land-grant University: University of Idaho

Work history: Managed purebred Charolais cattle ranches in Texas and Utah for 12 years prior to my extension career. Have worked for the University of Idaho for 22 years. The first 20 as a county 4-H educator and the past 2 as a member of the the state 4-H staff.

What do you enjoy most about your involvement in NAE4-HA? The opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of NAE4-HA. I also enjoy the friendships and connections I have made with so many of the members from every state!

What is your favorite movie? All of the Bourne movies!

What is your favorite past-time or hobby? Water-skiing, wake surfing and running

My favorite quote: “If you think you are leading and no one is following you are only taking a walk” – John Maxwell

If you were not working with Extension, what would you be doing? Working as a beef cattle consultant and sale management.

Joan Grott,
North Central Senior Region Director

Home Land-grant University: Purdue University

Work history: I have served as the Porter County 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator in Valparaiso, Indiana since 2003.

What do you enjoy most about your envolvement in NAE4-HA?
My favorite part of my involvement in NAE4-HA is meeting people, sharing ideas, and making new friends… all things that help me make my own best better!

What is your favorite movie? Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

What is your favortie past-time or hobby? Though I’ve recently been on a break from it, I run. I’m a member of my local running club, the Calumet Region Striders. I’m also a member of Team Challenge for Crohn’s & Colitis (awareness & fundraising through running) and Team Chocolate Milk (advocating for chocolate milk as a recovery beverage). I also combine running with a Disney addiction… I’ve participated at runDisney half marathons in California, Florida, and Paris (and I’ll be back in Florida for a 10k in January). I’ve also brought this passion to our county 4-H program… we held our 4th Annual 4-H 4 Mile Hustle at this year’s county fair. #fourthH

My favorite quote: “You can only be young once but you can be immature forever.” ~Dave Barry, humorist

If you were not working with Extension, what would you be doing? My experiences with the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation’s Team Challenge running program has been very meaningful to me. I’d love to be a staff member for such a program at a health-related non-profit organization.

What’s in a Name?

Submitted by Betty Gottler, NAE4-HA Archivist and Life Member

(In three years we will be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of NAE4-HA. Here is a quick “look-back” at how the name of our association has changed from its conception. This is an article from the Special 40th Anniversary issue of NEWS & VIEWS in November, 1986.)

In 1946, we were born the National Association of 4-H Club Agents. Through the years our clover logo and initials have changed to better reflect what we as an association represent.

In 1956, thirty years ago our logo was a gold clover with the initials, N.A.C.C.A. that stood for the National Association of County 4-H Club Agents. This was the first official pin and insignia.

In 1959, President Peter Martens of New Jersey, reports that Ralph Kirch, the Vice-President from Michigan, proposed opening the membership in the Association to others who did not hold the title of County 4-H Agent. Mr. Martens recalls this proposal elicited “much heated discussion.” The idea behind the proposal was to open the membership to extension agents who did primarily 4-H work, but who had titles such as “Assistant County Agricultural Agents”, or “County Home Economist”, etc. There was much feeling on the Board of Directors that a singular purpose of the Association was to promote the profession of the “County 4-H Agent”, and that the title was significant toward that end. The Board wanted State Extension Directors and others to recognize the fact that the 4-H Agent profession in its own and not just a stepping stone to the County Agricultural Agent or County Home Economist professions, which Peter Martens reports, “as the situation at that time.”

In 1960, under Ralph Kirchs’ leadership, the change in the Association policy was made to open the membership. However the change in name didn’t occur until 1966. In 1967, the gold clover with the initials, N.A.E.A. finally appeared and stood for, The National Association of Extension 4-H Agents.

Then in 1968, the clover was changed again and it became green with white H’s for stationery and publications, but remained gold for jewelry. The initials included 4-H to N.A.E.4-HA.

Now the initials are being questioned again. When the Association began everyone was an agent – either an Agricultural Agent, Home Demonstration Agent, or Club Agent. With time come changes and mixing of roles. Agents worked on a team and shared responsibilities and titles changed. Some agents were even so lucky as to carry the title of “Agent in Charge” for a while. It wasn’t funny to get a letter addressed “Charged Agent” as it was usually from an irate person. Needless to say that title went to the wayside and County Director or Program Leader replaced it quickly. Other states dropped “agents” completely and have used the title “advisors”. Plus “Program Coordinators” and specialty agents have been added, who may still have some responsibilities with the 4-H programs. Presently we are a melting pot of many titles, and does the term “agent” fit all the professionals within the association today? The question is there. It might be time to discuss it again. No one likes change, but history shows it hasn’t hurt us so far. In fact, it has helped us. Some of our greatest growth occurred after the 1961 change.

What’s in a name? Sometimes a lot. One thing for sure, NAE4-HA is a PROUD ONE!

LAE4-HA: Navigating a Mighty Course with Positive Youth Development

Submitted by: Cheryl Newberry, Oklahoma State University and NAE4-HA Southern Region Director

I had the opportunity to travel to Vidalia, Louisiana in August for a state visit with the LAE4-HA membership. There were approximately 100 in attendance and the Northeast Region of the State rolled out the red carpet with a great agenda!

One of the most impressive things I saw during the conference was the Honey Brake Lodge, the facility where the opening session and a tour was held. Designed as a sportsman’s paradise, this facility caters to corporate groups, bringing in folks for guided hunts, fishing, shooting sports and more. The Honey Brake is expanding their program to reach out to youth audiences as well with the addition of dormitories and much more. They recognize the importance and impact of the 4-H program and have committed $1 million to the Louisiana 4-H program to develop a partnership that is sure to reap many rewards, both for Louisiana 4-H and the Honey Brake Lodge. I look forward to seeing what unfolds!

A 4-H alum was the keynote speaker. Kirsten Oaks-White works for This Week in Louisiana Agriculture as a reporter and producer. She shared her story about her 4-H career, how 4-H affected her career choice, and how she continues to promote 4-H on the TV show. Another highlight was listening to four alumni who just recently graduated from the program. They shared their perspective on 4-H. This panel of past clientele were very well spoken and gave great advice on questions like “how can we keep high school youth engaged in the 4-H program?” and “If there were one thing you would take out of the summer camp schedule, what would that be?” It was great to see Extension staff really listening to teens and writing down ways to improve the program.

Many great workshops were held for members to attend. A few topics presented were: Louisiana Ag in the Classroom, From Service to Service Learning, It’s Always SEW Much Fun!, and more. I had the opportunity to teach a workshop entitled “Leadership and Recreation on a Shoestring Budget.” The room was full and we barely had room for Bob Sled Team practice! Commercial and educational exhibits lined the hallway outside the meeting rooms for members to visit during breaks.

Louisiana has some interesting awards in their state! Let’s just say that some of these might not be an honor one would want to receive! Nevertheless, many rounds of laughter were heard during the awards program at the President’s Parle’ prior to the banquet!

Thank you to Amy Long-Pierre, Esther Boe and the LAE4-HA members for the hospitality! Louisiana never disappoints – not only on the National level, but also on the state level!

Laissez les bon temp rouler!

Minnesota Marketing and Promotion

Submitted by: Diane Baker, University of Illinois and NAE4-HA North Central Regional Director

Minnesota did their 2nd state wide clothing order as a small fundraiser for MAE4HYDP. The marketing and promotion committee worked with a vendor to determine designs, styles, etc. Shipping is either paid for by each member if they want it shipped to their offices or it is free shipping and then the items are passed out during a state wide event. Members of our organization purchased clothing for a small amount above cost. This ordering was also opened up to all staff in Minnesota 4-H and those staff paid around $5 more per item. It has been a win-win for MAE4HYDP. We in Minnesota 4-H get new attire to wear at a decent cost, members get it at a discount, and MAE4HYDP makes a profit.

South Dakota Book Club

The South Dakota Association of Extension 4-H Professionals (SDAE4-HP) began incorporating an annual professional development book read as a benefit to their membership in 2014. The goal of this book read was to help members become more accountable to reading and processing the many professional development books that come across their desks. Following are the books that have been selected as the SDAE4-HP book reads over the past 3 years:
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell
The Power of People by Verna Cornelius

The book reads are done virtually and are kept to a one hour commitment of time every two weeks. Through the virtual book reads, the members have not only had the opportunity to process the information in the books to a greater degree of accountability, but also get to know and work with co-workers in areas of the state that they are not typically able to work with. The 2017 book read will be Juggling Elephants by Jones Loflin, the 2016 JCEP Keynote Speaker. The association introduces the book and provides copies for members at the spring association meeting each year. Due to summer schedules, in the past the book read has not been started until the following fall.

In addition to the book read, the association has also been able to further tie the book read to other professional development opportunities. For example, members of the NAE4-HA Balancing Work and Family Task Force shared the lesson, “Sharpening the Saw” virtually to our South Dakota members. This virtual training tied to the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Thanks to the SDAE4-HP Book read and the focus on working with each other statewide to reach our professional development goals, the books that were once collecting dust are being read, used, and implemented. We challenge other states to try a book read in their area or join South Dakota for a multi-state book read. Just let us know if you are interested.

Please plan to “Re-Invent Yourself” at the 2018 NAE4-HA Conference in Columbus, Ohio, October 7-11

Some things to look forward to are:
• Newly renovated hotel and conference center
• Budget friendly hotel rate – $169/night at Hyatt Regency
• Lots of unique food and shopping within walking distance
• Numerous State’s Night Out options within blocks
• Free transport from airport to downtown
• Free bus system in downtown Columbus
• Tours on Wheels that will include the Columbus Zoo and other great attractions.
• Opening event at the Center of Science and Industry
• Dynamic Speakers
• And exceptional presentations by colleagues from around the US

Please plan to visit the booth at the 2017 NAE4-HA Conference in Indy, and watch for our invite during Regional Breakfasts.

November 12-16, 2017

Should I really spend my time on this?

Submitted by Sarah Hunt, National 4-H Council

 My one word reply…ABSOLUTELY!

In April 2016, I watched one of “my” 4-H members, Thad Hughes, receive the STEM Pillar of the Legacy Award. The gala was a wonderful experience and very inspiring; I was so proud of and happy for him. Four of 4-H’s finest did us proud that evening. It was at that event I knew what a fantastic opportunity this award is for our great 4-H members and from then on I would encourage youth to apply for it. The contribution each youth made to his or her community was outstanding. Two of the winners, had organized and executed a community service event or program that was outstanding. The other two shared a legacy of making significant contributions to each of his county’s 4-H program over the course of several years.

No doubt the $5,000 scholarship each youth received, along with the trip to D.C., a shopping trip for formal and business attire, Corporate Letter of Reference from the CEO of the National 4-H Council and the entire experience were worth the time and effort. For each of them to apply and work on the video, but it did so much more for McLean County and Illinois. The pride we have in our county that we were the home of the first YIA winner in Illinois was proof that if you work hard, “Make the Best Better” and “Learn by Doing” the efforts are rewarded. Illinois showcased his accomplishments at the State Fair, Illini Summer Academies and other major events to publicize the program. The “branding” it offered us was notable. Our theme since then, #McLean4HGrowsTrueLeaders, is founded not only his accomplishments, but the accomplishments of all 4-H members.

Thad’s efforts and contributions helped launch a robotics program and STEM emphasis that continue to grow. Much of this is because of the foundation he laid while a member. As I looked at the accomplishments of all four of the winners from 2016 and now, 2017, I saw a theme…each of them, in his or her own way was an Agent of Change. How cool is that? One teenager making a huge impact in his or her home area. Each one of them touched and changed many, many lives. Isn’t that what we do as 4-H Youth Development Professionals? We work tirelessly to create an environment in our 4-H programs that embraces change, encourages innovation and grows capacity in each of our members.

I believe this award is one way to encourage our outstanding 4-H members to take a look at their accomplishments. Even if the title goes to someone else, encouraging them to promote their accomplishments, their efforts and their impacts, demonstrates just how much we believe in them and support their individual actions. If we are to be one of those important “caring adults” for our 4-H youth, I believe we need to help members who have had an impact on their communities and neighbors. Encouraging them for this recognize of their contributions is worth the effort for them to submit the application. We can help review the entry and perhaps edit the video submission. That really doesn’t take a lot of time, but it sends important messages: You are a True Leader; I believe in you; your contributions have been impactful; and most importantly be proud of your accomplishments, because your County and State stand behind you.

Please, take a look around your county, who are those youth who have made an impact in their neighborhood, community, or county? Identify them and then suggest they complete an application. Your confidence in them, might just be the little push he or she needs to be recognized as an Agent of Change. Oh, and yes, it WILL be worth your time!

This edition of e-news was brought to you by the 2016-2017 NAE4-HA Board of Directors
Editor – Rebecca B. Thomas, Southern Region Junior Director

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(919)232-0112 / execdir@nae4ha.com

Deadline for articles or news submission is the 20th of each month, to be published the following month.
Example: Deadline of June 20th for the July e-news
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