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Submitting New Awards


The 2019 Awards 

NAE4-HA Awards Program

National Winners

Regional Winners



Award/Scholarship Criteria & Score Sheets:

2019 Communicator Award Criteria & Score Sheets

2019 Specialty Award Criteria & Score Sheets

2019 First Time Attendee Scholarship Criteria & Score Sheet (application will be a part of the Specialty Awards in the awards submission system)

2019 Service Award Criteria

2019 NAE4-HA Awards at a Glance (summary of each award’s requirements – a tool for State Member Recognition Contacts to use and add their state awards information)

2019 NAE4-HA Awards Fact Sheet


Award/Scholarship Submission and Deadline:

Submit an application

The submission process will close no earlier than March 2.

Award/Scholarship Training Webinars:

Member Services: Member Recognition - The Award Recipient Selection Process

NAE4-HA recognizes and celebrates the efforts and work of its members through a range of awards. This webinar will be a full review of the new award submission system for State, Regional Contacts, Working Group/Committee contacts for judging awards.

Presentation slides from 1/7/2019 

Member Recognition hosted two training webinars to provide information on the general awards application requirements, the new awards system, how to complete applications, and an overview on how judging can be done online at all levels of judging.   

Presentation slides from 12/5/2018




2018 National Award Winners





2018 Regional Award Winners



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