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2019 Annual Conference Sessions

Tentative Conference Sessions (as of 7/18/19)

NOTE: The information provided is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change at anytime, without notice.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Time Activity Location
9:00 am - 10:15 am 1344 - Get the Flock Outta There! Arthur
1564 - Exploring the World Through 4-H Chesapeake
1158 - Messy Science Crystal Room
1323 - Ages and Stages are Old School Now Eisenhower A
1470 - Being Mindful in a Mindless World w/ 4-H Yoga Eisenhower B
1205 - Design Thinking: Make it part of 4-H! Eisenhower C
1250 - ARCS Model: Adressing Motivation in Your Learning Events Fillmore
1403 - Conflict and You: Deal with It! Grant
1209 - Demystifying Publishing: Tips, Structure and Steps Jackson
1488 - Designing Effective and Critical Digital Surveys for Your 4-H Johnson A & B
1750 - Living as a Grateful and Strengths Based Leader Knowland
116 - Maine 4-H Community Central: Engaging Youth Where They Are At Martin
1468 - Whose Energy Will YOU Allow on Your Bus Pierce
1127 - Guiding Volunteers to the Summit by Putting into Practice the New 4-H Cloverbud Volunteer Guidebook Rayburn A & B
1471 - Surviving & Thriving in Conflict Stewart A & B
1700 - Starting Off GREEN! Sustainability of First-Generation Volunteers Tyler
1889 - Grow Youth Programs with Middle Management Volunteers Van Buren
1656 - Hero Worship: Telling Better Stories West Virginia Room
1669 - 4-H as a Research Partner - Considerations & Strategies for Planning and Executing a Multi-Disciplinary Research Project Wilson
10:30 am - 10:55 am 1181 - Using Environmental Education to Develop Life Skills in Youth Arthur
1665 - Proving the Impact of the 4-H Summer Camping Program: What Really Makes A Difference? Chesapeake
1377 - Youth Participatory Evaluation: Matching 4-H Youth Experience to Program Theory Crystal Room
1143 - Impacts of Bully Prevention Training on 4-H Camp Counselor Performance Eisenhower A
1272 - Promoting Sustainability of Resources: A Tri-County "Water in my Backyard" Program Eisenhower B
1317 - Equestrian Helmet Education Clinic Eisenhower C
109 - Youth Leadership Nassau Fillmore
1874 - MyPI Youth Preparedness and Leadership Initiative: Creating Partnerships and Cultivating Volunteer Engagement Grant
1305 - The Creative World of E-textiles! Hayes
1861 - Next Chapter at Nebraska: Growing 4-H through College Readiness Opportunities Jackson
1285 - 101 ways to teach healthy lifestyles to youth Johnson A & B
1803 - It's Not Cool to JUUL: Teens Share the Facts About Vaping and E-Cigarettes Knowland
1454 - Indiana 4-H Evaluation Committee: One Small Step for Surveys, One Giant Leap for Data Martin
1169 - Digging 4-H Archeology and Youth McKinley
1615 - Thumbs Up: Marketing Video-Based STEM Curriculum through Social Media Pierce
1664 - Beyond the Standard of Success Rayburn A & B
1785 - Dress for Success Stewart A & B
1122 - Pennsylvania Club Guide for 4-H Volunteers Tyler
1521 - A Perfect Combination: 4-H Shooting Sports & Hunter's Education Van Buren
West Virginia Room
11:10 am - 11:35 am 1453 - Perspectives on Place-Based Local Leadership Programs: Fostering Leadership and Community Attachment Among Youths Arthur
1324 - Parental Involvement, Peer Relationships, and Adult Mentors impact on Adolescents Character Development Chesapeake
1592 - Broadening the Use of Lesson Study in 4-H: A Case Study Crystal Room
1410 - 4-H STEM Curriculum Challenges: A Delphi Study Eisenhower A
1343 - Producers and Consumers Welcome at Meat Science Boot Camp Eisenhower B
1469 - Kids Growing with Grains: Improving Environmental, Nutrition, and Agricultural Literacy through School Programming Eisenhower C
1616 - Teen Wilderness Leadership Excursion Fillmore
1451 - Navigating the Waters of Public Speaking Grant
1736 - 4-H Middle School Leadership Academy Hayes
1514 - Building and Pilot-Testing Extension Partnerships and Collaborations for Reaching Latino Youth Jackson
1152 - Mountains of Opportunity for Health: Engaging Teens as 4-H Health Advocates Johnson A & B
1407 - Sound the Alarm agains the Emerging Tobacco Health Hazzards that are Enslaving Another Generation of Youth Knowland
1149 - Evaluating 4-H Opportunities: An evaluation package for in-school and out-of-school time programming Martin
1842 - Challenge Accepted! Adapting the National 4-H Food Challenge to meet Local Needs McKinley
1259 - Utilizing STEM to Celebrate Statehood: Using 4-H Virtual Reality "Scavenger Hunts" to Learn about Illinois History During the State Bicentennial Pierce
105 - Spring Break Science Camps Rayburn A & B
1785 - My Dashboard (a Metaphor for Monitoring Life's Journey) Stewart A & B
1878 - Quality 4-H Clubs begins with volunteer training Tyler
1463 - Empowring Your EI (Emotional Intelligence) Van Buren
1526 - Life 101 - 4-H Financial Literacy Conferences West Virginia Room


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

2:45 pm - 3:10 pm 1503 - Pilot Study of Volunteer Management Professional Development Needs Assessment Arthur
1553 - A Program Evaluation of an Afterschool Nutrition, Cooking, and Physical Activity Program: WeCook: Fun with Food and Fitness Chesapeake
1640 - A Mixed Method Study Examing Factors that Contribute to Why 4-H Extension Agents Stay? Crystal Room
1178 - Development of an Evaluation Framework to Assess Learner Outcomes in 4-H Junk Drawer Robotics Eisenhower A
1438 - Knox County Agriculture Awareness Day Eisenhower B
1487 - Sheeps and Goats, Oh My! Educating Youth on Small Ruminant Management and Exhibition Eisenhower C
1416 - Expanding 4-H Program Capacity through a Multi-Discipline Approach to Summer Day Camps Fillmore
1853 - Life Lessons 101… Teens Learn About Dollars, Cents, and Common Sense Grant
1871 - Better Together: Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive Hayes
1527 - Iowa 4-H Camera Corp Jackson
1676 - Growing Real Opportunities in Work and Life: An Urban Youth Agricultural Program Knowland
1167 - Teen Cuisine: A Cooking-Based Program for Adolescents Johnson A & B
1606 - Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands! A Youth Led Approach to Increase Hand Hygiene of the Public in Animal Barns Martin
1815 - Bill Nye & Nancy Drew: Developing Science Skills Through a Mystery Activity McKinley
1849 - Cabeza, Corazon, Manos y Salud en Puerto Rico: Head, Heart, Hands, Health in Puerto Rico ~ 4-H Educator Cultural Immersion Program Pierce
1595 - Connecting Rural Youth with STEM Careers: Adventures in Health Science as a Model for Creating Your Own STEM Career Program Rayburn A & B
1827 - Wayne County 4-H Motorsports Stewart A & B
1347 - Florida 4-H Executive Boards: Youth Voice in Action Tyler
1350 - Ready Work: Skills for Tomorrow's Workforce Van Buren
1624 - Career Exploration Tour Provides Mountains of Opportunity for Teens West Virginia Room
3:25 pm - 4:10 pm 1406 - Animal U: An on-line curriculum for animal science Arthur
1492 - Outstanding Programs for the STEM Field Chesapeake
1243 - Breaking the Barriers in Facilitating Environmental Education Crystal Room
1314 - Exploring the Mountains of Opportunity in Multi-County Overnight Camp Eisenhower A
1824 - National 4-H Council and Microsoft Team Up to Create 4-H Tech Changemakers Eisenhower B
1313 - Project 4-H20: Teens Conduct Research to Successfully Advocate for Water Refilling Stations Eisenhower C
1571 - STEM-Lit to Go! Supporting K-3 Investigations through Integrated STEM and Literacy Experiences Fillmore
1601 - Clover Age Short Term Experiences Grant
1654 - Explore Mountains of Opportunity with LifeSmarts! Hayes
1780 - Empowering Youth and Families: Development of an Opioid Prevention Program Jackson
1491 - Grow 4-H in Your County! Knowland
1793 - A Team Approach to Using Social Media for Extension Program Delivery Johnson A & B
1382 - Incorporating 4-H Mission Mandates into Every 4-H Event Martin
1138 - Game Changineer: A Unique Approach to Video Game Design and Coding Using Plain English McKinley
1408 - Be A 4-H Scientist! New Science Curriculum for Youth in Gr. K-8 Pierce
1414 - Pathways to Your Future Rayburn A & B
1523 - Engaging and Empowering Camp Counselors through Positive Youth Adult Partnerships Stewart A & B
1476 - Aligning Recognition to Meet Volunteer Preferences Tyler
1858 - Mountains of Opportunity with 4-H Shooting Sports Van Buren
1614 - How to Effectively Utilize and Empower Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to Increase Program Quality and Participant Engagement West Virginia Room


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

2:00pm-2:45pm 1406 - Animal Science Lessons Plans Arthur
1837 - Nebraska Youth Beef Leadership Symposium Chesapeake Room
1826 - Own Your Mountains - Take Your Best Hike to Training Camp Counselors! Crystal Room
1695- Technology at Work: Online Club Officer Training Eisenhower A
1805 - Strengthening Youth Through Interstate Hurricane Relief Service Learning Project Eisenhower B
1194 - Tools and Impacts of Conducting New(er) 4-H Family Orientation Fillmore
1288 - Elevating your 4-H Cloverbud Program to New Heights Grant
1121 - The GEM Program: Get Experience in Mindfulness Hayes
1173 - Grilling for Scholarships: The Florida 4-H Tailgate Contest Jackson
1281 - Making 4-H Camp Connections with Families Knowland
1689 - Marketing for Next Gen 4-H Clientele Johnson A & B
1653 - Really Growing Grand Champion Kids Martin
1432 - Positive Youth Development: An Opportunity to Grow Your Self and Your Program McKinley
1354 - Family Science Night: An Extension Partnership Pierce
1253 - Pro-Bots: Driving an Interest in Robotics and Programming Rayburn A & B
1175 - Ascending to New Heights of Leadership in 4-H Camping Stewart A & B
1467 - Active Listening for Teens Tyler
1763 - Learning How to Spell 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training Van Buren
1331 - Enhancing your 4-H Programs with Cooperate Partnerships West Virginia Room


Thursday, November 7, 2019

10:45 am- 12:00 pm 1596 - Building Blocks of Leadership Arthur
1338 - Dysfunction Junction: Strategies to Motivate and Manage 4-H Advisory Groups Fillmore
1291 - The Results Are In! Young Volunteer Preferences and Motivations Grant
1641 - Maine 4-H Summer of Science: Developing Teens as the Next Generation of 4-H Volunteers Hayes
1618 - 4-H Flying Higher with Drones Johnson A & B
1399 - Tech Playground - How to be as Smart As A Fifth Grader Knowland
1839 - Tough Conversations: Learning to Overcome Challenging Situations Martin
1783 - Creating Effective Surveys that Achieve Results You Can Count On… For Program Development, Evaluation, and Improvement McKinley
1325 - The 4-H Thriving Model: What's it All About? Pierce
1529 - Developing a Common Evaluation Instrument and How to put it to Use! Rayburn A & B
1473 - Reframing Conflict Stewart A & B
1486 - Six Steps to Impact Writing Tyler
1746 - Building Youth Resilience through Trauma Informed Programming Van Buren
1841 - 4-H Improvisational Theatre Engages Middle and High School Youth in Creative Self-Exploration Wilson
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